Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Noni Flowers by Nora Bellows

Designer Nora J. Bellows’s extraordinary Noni® bag and flower patterns have earned her acclaim and endeared her to a loyal following of knitters all over the world. Now, in her first book, she offers lifelike knitted flowers that rival the beauty of true botanicals. This is a collection of luscious designs and essential techniques that knitters will turn to again and again. Inside, you’ll find:

   • 40 exceptional knitted and felted flowers, from Angel’s Tears Ddaffodils to ylang ylang

   • 6 beautiful yet practical garment, accessory, and home projects perfect for floral embellishment

   • Clear instructions for knitting, felting, wiring, and finishing your work.


When I saw this book on the bookstore shelves, I knew it had to be mine. No writing to a publisher in hopes they would send one. Oh no. This one was coming home with me. I am a nut for flowers. It is a known fact. This book has such a beautiful take on knitted flowers that it literally took my breath away. 

Overall rating:


If you are a knitter, no matter what level, you need this book for your library. Yes, some of the multiple needle (eeeekkk) techniques gave me a hot flash just thinking about how I was going to learn that, but the good thing about small projects like this is that you learn things you never thought you would. So, this book is now happily sitting on my library shelf and my fingers are itching for an afternoon off to give these flowers a try.

The pictures are great, the instructions clear and other than my own  neurotic fear of tiny needles ( I am indeed working to overcome this!) the projects are a good size to begin something challenging and new.

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