Friday, February 18, 2011

Crochet symbols

I don't know about you, but that just gives me hives. Really. I am learning to crochet, but the thought of evening trying to figure that out gives me a full on migraine. But, I may have found us all a splendid solution. No, it doesn't include flinging your crochet hook across the room and hiding under the closest quilt. Nope. Just head over to this wonderful site- and she has a great tutorial to help all of us learn how to read these daunting instructions.

There are lots of other bits of helpful info too. :) A regular treasure trove. So check it out! You will love it!




  1. Bwah-haha! Dana? I am laughing so heartily because I'm a die-hard crocheter. I cannot KNIT! My daughter? She knits beautifully. Meanwhile, my grandma taught me to crochet and I have made so many things ranging from little girl dresses (for my daughters when they were young) to the gothic dolls that are so popular today. I love crocheting unique hats that my son, Onision (an up and rising YouTube star) often wears during his videos.

    I simply do NOT understand how anybody can knit. I am so mesmerized by the beautiful things that knitters make. Yet the crochet hook is my very best friend.

  2. So funny, I am an avid crocheter and would love to learn to knit, although those knitting needles intimidate me just a bit, such sharp points on them, that if I fling them across the room my luck would be piercing my leather sofa or something:). My favorite things to crochet are baby blankets they are so quick making me feel as if I have accomplished something. Doilies are grand as well, but alas my reading and reviewing has drastically cut into my crochet time. Reading this post has my crochet hooks calling out to me!